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The Empty Musician
Calm Before the Storm 
17th-Sep-2008 01:17 pm
Oh yes, I am just meh. I am applying for jobs right now. Just taking a break to update and such. I guess I can't really complain right now, other than being horribly broke and needing money to pay things off and get my school taken care of. I am looking at a possiblity of perhaps moving back to Alabama where I know I would definately get a job. So...yeah. I need to go get my tattoo colored in though. It's mad at me because I haven't gone to do it yet. Thank goodness it's already paid for, it just needs to be you know...done.
I am going to a PATD concert next month on the 23rd, so that should be some sexy fun...meh. Well I am done updating for right now.
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