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The Empty Musician
Sweat it out, shut your mouth 
23rd-Sep-2008 03:06 am
Free love on the street, but in the alley I ain't that cheap...

Yet again I am kept away from my gaming due to bickering with my boyfriend/Fiance, simply because of my short attention span! -.- If I don't get my aggression out in game, who knows what'll happen! :( Bah oh well...I feel sorry for the poor moronic shlump who talks to me wrong at school! Heh. Oh yeah, and speaking of school...I have a paper to finish! XD Shame on me for not having it done yet!

Yeah I am just in a perky mood now aren't I? I want to go to Anime cons, but I have no good costumes. I have a Sabre costume from Fate: Stay Night, but yeah...lord knows I can't pull that look off. -.- That and the dress was HUGE on me when I got it. And I was huge at the time of purchase! And I have lost a lot of weight...needless to say it'll fall off of me. Heh. Job hunt is going meh-i-ly. I have some manga ideas rolling about in my head too. Also a lot of short story work has been done as of late. So fun fun.
Gotta love me, what can I say? I am epicly awesome and how can you NOT love me?
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