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The Empty Musician
17th-Nov-2008 04:52 pm
Well, let's just say my weekend has been absolutely terrible. On Friday my dog Cody was lost and we searched all weekend for him. I had friends helping me the first day. Well we hoped and prayed that the weather would stay decent so that he didn't freeze. Yesterday it began to snow and my heart sank. I ended up crying myself to sleep each night thinking about him. Hoping that someone at least had picked him up so that he was warm.
Well this morning I was woken up by licks on my face. Cody was home! :D
I guess this guy a neighborhood over from us found him. Cody had stayed under his porch for the night and had dug himself a little hole to sleep in. He was so skinny. I held him and he was so much lighter...the poor little guy hadn't eaten in three days and was stuck out in the cold. He was all over the place when he got inside, he ate several bowls of food. I am just glad he survived the cold nights and no food. I am just glad that the stress is lifted from me.
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